• Collect th eapplication form from NWSDB Area Engineers office (Sewerage).
  • Fill the application form and submit to the same Area Enginners Office (Sewerage) with copies of supporting documents.
  • An officer from NWSDB will make an inspection to your premises to take measurements and prepare a cost estimate. This will take a maximum of 7 days depending on the number of outstanding applications.
  • Where the road pavement has to be cut or open to give the new connection, a road reinstatement charge has to be paid to the relevant Local/ Road Authority. The relevant Authority and amount payable will be intimated to the applicat along with the cost estimate.
  • At this stage, the applicant can make the payment. The payment to the Local/ Road Authority has to be made to them directly by the applicant. The applicant must show evidence of making both payments (where applicable) to the NWSDB office.
  • The applicant signs an agreement with the NWSDB.
  • The sewer connection is provided within a maximum of 01 month after the payment is made.

 To get the information, contact persons are :-

O.I.C Office Mattegoda  0112850029/011 2572580 
  Jayawadanagama 0112775873
  Maddumagewatta 0112811347/0112775873
  Hikkaduwa 0914383231
  Kataragama 0472235233
Area Engineers Office/O.I.C Office Kollanawa 0112572580
Manager Office Dehiwala/ Mount Lavinia 0112504273
  Rathmalana / Moratuwa 0112289052
  Ja Ela/ Ekala 0114831468


     It is totally depend on the length from the interceptor chamber to main sewer.
     Approximate cost for the minimum length of 4m would be Rs.40,000/- .


Sewer line up to the Interceptor Chamber, and the chamber itself will be a property of National Water & Drainage Board. Therefore, we strictly advise any operation or the repairs beyond the Interceptor Chamber has to be informed to relevant O.I.C. Office by the customer.

  1. When sewer connetion is given, Interceptor Chamber will be constructed with in the customer's primises, but it will be a property of NWSDB.
  2. Internal sewer system should be connected to the Interceptor Chamber.
  3. Rain water is strictly not allowed to be connected to the Interceptor chamber.

 Sewerage charges appear in the wwater bill is calculated according to the sewerage tariff of the NWSDB.

 Please call immediatly the relevant office.(contact numbers are mentioned in FAQ No.1)

 You need to empty the overloaded septic tank.
 You can get the service of a gully bowser by calling to relevant office mentioned in FAQ No.1. Alternatively, there are private gully bowser providers too.


List of Institute eligible for Request on the job training

  • All Government Technical Colleges
  • All Government Universities coming under University Grant Commision
  • Association of Accounting Technicians Sri Lanka
  • Ceylon German Technical Training School
  • Charted Institute of Management Accountants
  • Institute of Supplies and Material Management
  • Institute of Charted Accountants
  • Institute of Chemistry Ceylon
  • Institute of Engineering Technology
  • Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (In.c)
  • Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka
  • National Institute of Business Management
  • National Apprentice & Industrial Training Authority
  • National Institute of Social Development
  • National School of Business Management
  • National Youth services Council
  • Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education
  • Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka


  • Selection is based on the request from NWSDB approved institution listed above. Direct requests from trainees are not allowed
  • Maximum allowable period for training is limited to six months
  • MDTD wiill locate trainees only for NWSDB Head Office, Telawala, Polwatta Offices and relevant RSC. DGMs are authorized to place trainees for respective RSCs.
  • Trainees need to provide a valid Identity card issued by the relevant institute and NIC at the time of registration.

First four numbers give the relevant area For an example :-

  • Lets say your account number is 10/33/602/010/18
  • Therefore your category is 10/33
  • Therefore contact persons are
  • Manager Colombo City or Area Engineer (CB III)

Reasons for High Water bill There may be several reasons for high water bill.

  • High consumption. (see tariff for more details)
  • An Internal leak.
  • There may be meter defects.
  • There may be an illegal connection after water meter.

Close all the appliances & check whether your meter is still running on. If it happens you can make sure that there is an internal leak in your system or there may be an illegal connection. Therefore it is advisable to repair the leak immediately. If there is an illegal connection it is advisable to inform the relevant Area Engineer immediately.

Any appliances before the water meter, belongs to National Water Supply & Drainage Board. Therefore we strictly advise any operation or the repairs before the meter has to be informed to relevant Area Engineer by the customer.

Please call immediately the relevant offices

No you can't, please report to the relevant Area Engineer

Water Quality

NWS&DB applies a systematic Water Treatment process to produce portable final water free from pathogenic organisms and chemical contaminants according to the SLS limits for the safety of health.

Collect the sample immediately in to a clean glass/ plastic bottle and Contact one of the closer NWS&DB laboratory.

Consult one of the Chemist – NWS&DB in your area for the correct doze and the

Consult one of the Chemist - NWS&DB in your area.

Bacteriological quality and physical and chemical quality. 

Contact one of the closer Laboratory in your area to get a sterilized bottle and the sample collecting instructions testing rates given the website. 

Contact one of the closer Laboratory in your area and collect the sample in Clean glass/plastic bottles around 2 L capacity and the sample collecting instructions.

Go to the rates details in the website

Contact one of the Chemists in Central Laboratory – Ratmalana.

Go to the detail toxic parameters in the website.

Contact one of the wastewater testing laboratory for the payment with transport cost and they will arrange the sampling within 1 week after the payment.

Rain water can be used mainly for washing purposes and for Drinking need some purification and consult Chemist - NWS&DB in your area.

Keep clean the surrounding and allow the spill water to drain properly without stagnation. Get the quality test report annually.

Can be obtained from Central Laboratory for University graduates and consult Chief of Laboratory services at Central Laboratory – NWS&DB.