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Japanese Projects Unit (JPU) is formed to formulate and co-ordinate the JICA funded loan, grant and Capacity Development Projects received to NWSDB and to successfully implement the Water Supply & Sewerage Projects utilization of the funds. JPU is working under the Water Supply Projects section headed by Additional General Manager (Water Supply Projects).


Key Functions 

  • Coordination with National Planning Department for Project formulation
  • Coordination with the Ministry for Project Development and Formulation
  • Loan Agreements with External Resource Department
  • Donor Coordination, Facilitation and providing secretariat assistance to ERD.


During the last seven years from 2007 to 2013 the Government of Japan has provided the following financial
assistance to NWSDB.

      Project Category
1 Water Sector Development 4   31,689
2 Waste Water Management 1   14,087
3 Rehabilitation of Water Supply Project   1 677
4 Capacity Development Project   3 357

Immediate water supply to Killinochchi town and Purchasing of well
drilling equipment utilizing 2KR fund 

  1 260

Supply of Immediate Requirement of IDP Welfare Centres of
Vavuniya (2KR Project Northern Province) 

  1 263


JICA Loan Projects for  Water Sector development

 Loan  No
 Project Name
   sub Project
SLP 90    Water Sector Development Project I   

Towns North Colombo water Supply Project  phase I Stage II

 5,454 1,618
 Greater Kandy Water Supply Project- phaseI StageII  3,491  1,086
 Greater Colombo Water Rehabillitation Project  3,975  1,236
 Kandy City Waste water Development Project  311  -


                       Total  13,231  3,940

 Water Sector Development Project II



 Kalu Ganga water Supply Project- Phase I stageII  6,742  2,341
Non Revenue Water Reduction (Pipe rehabillitation in Colombo City) 1,346 -
Non Revenue Water (NRW)Engineering Study, Master plan update & Institutional Development 300 -
                       Total 8,388 2,341
 SLP98   Eastern Province Development Project   Civil work & Equipment for Ampara District Water Supply Component  4,073  1,429
 Civil work & Equipment for Rural water Supply Component  831  26
 SLP110  Anuradhapura North Water Supply Project Phase I
 5,166  2,789
                       Total 5,166 2,789

JICA Loan Project for Waste Water Management 

Project Category
LoanAmount (MJPY)
GOSLAmount  (MJPY)
SLP99 Kandy City Wastewater Management Project 14.087  4,060


Future Projects

Water Sector Development Project III

The Kalu Ganga Water Supply System in Colombo District and the neighbouring Kalutara District has been improved in phases with assistance from Japan International Cooperation Agency. However, the increase in water demand caused by rapid population growth is outpacing the development of water supply facilities. it is estimated that the gap between water demand and water supply will increase to atleast 100,000m3/day in the area served by the Kalu Ganga Water Supply system by 2020. Many of the existing transmission mains and distribution networks were installed 50 to 100 years ago. Partly because of water leakage from these old, deteriorated pipelines, the percentage of non-revenue water (NRW) at around 40% exceeds the national average of 31%.

In order to meet the increasing water demands following tasks are regarded as urgent issues.

1) Augmentation of the capacity of Kalu Ganga Water Supply system

2) Improvement of water supply efficiency by replacement and repair of the old existing transmission

& distribution pipes

Against this background, the Government of Sri Lanka is planning to implement a Water sector Development Project III, for the extension of the existing Kalu Ganga Water Supply system in Colombo and Kalutara Districts where rapid urbanization is in progress and rehabilitation of transmission mains and distribution networks in Dehiwala and Moratuwa, where the ratio of NRW is particularly high in the area, with an ODA loan from Government of Japan.

The service area to be covered by KGWSP Phase II is Homagama, Kesbewa, Moratuwa, Ratmalana & Padukka DS Divisions in Colombo District and Bandaragama, Bulathsinghala, Horana, Ingiriya, Kaluthara, Madurawala, Milleniya & Panadura in Kaluthara District.

The projected population to be served under the Phase II of the project is 854,567 in 2020 and 1,544,232 in 2040 under the Phase III of the project.

The water treatment plant capacity will be 140,000 m3/day for the Phase II & 140,000 m3/day for the Phase III as well.