GM expresses his gratitude behalf of the GKWSP officials whose pioneering efforts initiated to educate public on wastage-minimizing approaches in the discipline of plumbing. This far-sighted approach will enhance the economical usage and conservation of treated pipe-borne water supplied to consumer premises.

Envisioning for a quantifiable saving on water bills, this maiden awareness campaign was produced and telecasted over ITN with the courtesy of `Coffee Table` media team, who facilitated  the stream of explanations given by the GM of NWSDB and the Deputy Director of Sri Lanka Standards Institute.

The SLSI high officiial who participated in the Interview was very instrumental in her explanations, advising to choose SLS certified products for long lasting, wastage-free watersupply.

NWSDB is anticipating to introduce several SLS Certified PVC Products in the forthcoming months.

The inverview held at the ITN coffee table on 26th April 2016, can be viewed via the link given below.