Organization Structure




"Provide all mechanical & electrical engineering solutions & consultancies and related services to optimize the water & sewer system operating within and outside the NWSDB."



 Contact Details

Eng. V.G.U. Ranjith,
DGM (Mechanical and Electrical),
M&E  Division,
National Water Supply & Drainage Board,
Galle Road,
Sri Lanka

Telephone : +94 11 2635341  +94 11 2625798 (Direct Line) +94 11 2621621-Ext-1170 (General Number)

Fax :+94 11 2635341

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Head Office-Ratmalana (DGM Office)


Section Name  Designation  Telephone Fax

DGM Office

Mr.V.G.U. Ranjith  DGM  0112621621-Ext 1170 011-2635341
Mr.E.M.K. Ekanayaka  AGM 0112621621-Ext 1172
Mrs.A.E.Gunawaradane  Chief Engineer 0112621621-Ext 1171
Mr.S.M.S.Kulathunga  Chief Engineer 0112621621-Ext 1178
Mr.C.M. Karunarathna  Senior Electronics Engineer(CWS) 0112621621-Ext 1173
Mr.Kavindu Jeewandara  Mechanical Engineer 0112621621-Ext 1177
Mr.M.U.M. Arshad  Mechanical Engineer 0112621621-Ext 1183
Mis. Hiruni Bandara  Electrical Engineer 0112621621-Ext 1173
Mrs.B.L.D.C.K. de Silva  Personal Secretary 0112621621-Ext 1773
Mr. R.H. Rahuman E.A. (Mech) 0112621621-Ext 1169
Mrs.A.M.P.K.Abeykoon E.A.(Elec) 0112621621-Ext 1179
Mr. R. Pathminda E.A. (Mech) 0112621621-Ext 1169
Mrs.W.O.P. Sujeewa  MA(Special) 0112621621-Ext 1176
Building Maintenance Mr.C. Zoysa  Engineer (Civil) 0112621621-Ext 1174 011-2621718
Mr.A.Abeygonawardane E.A.(Civil) 0112621621-Ext 1175
Mr.G. Nishantha E.A. (Elec) 0112621621-Ext 1175
Transport  Mr. S. Indika Transport Officer 0112621621-Ext 1220  011-2624574
Mr. K.U.Samanpriya  EA (Mech) 0112621621-Ext 1224


Central Workshop,
National Water Supply & Drainage Board,
Maligawa Road,
Polwatta, Ratmalana,

Sri Lanka

Telephone : +94 11 2636327 (Direct Line)

Fax :+94 11 2624738

 Central Workshop- Polwatta

Section  Name  Designation  Telephone Fax
 Office  (Central Workshop)    Mr.A.Sriwardhana  Chief Engineer  0112636327 0112624738 
 Mrs. Koshila  Accountant  0112636327
Mrs. Shriyani  Staff Assistant  0112636327
 Mrs. Dulani  Supply Assistant  0112636327
 Pump Section      Mr.T.B.P. Priyadharshana Snr. Mechanical Engineer  0112636327
 Mr.K.G.L.P.Kumara  E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
 Mr.G.J.D.Alwis  E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
 Electrical Section    Mr.N. Dayananda  Electrical Engineer  0112636327
 Mrs.N.Hewavitharana  E.A.(Electrical)  0112636327
 Mr.Indika  Store Keeper  0112636327
 Fabrication Section   Mr.T.B.P. Priyadharshana  Snr. Mechanical Engineer  0112636327
 Mr.Suwaris  E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
 Vehicle Section      Mr.Thusara Sadakelum  Mechanical Engineer  0112636327
 Mr.Namal  E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
 Mr.H.A.J.Bandara  E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
Mr.K.P.C.De Silva   E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
Electronics Section  Mr.N.Sanjeewa E.A.(Electronic) 0112636327