The Head Office of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board is located in Ratmalana. The Head Office overlooks all the island wide operations. A sub office is located about 1 km away at Telawala Road.


The following Divisions / Sections are located in the Head Office.
• Chairman, Vice Chairman and Working Directors Office
• Senior Management (General Manager and Additional General Managers)
• Policy and Strategy Division
• Planning & Designs Division
• Water Supply Projects Division
• Mechanical & Electrical, Energy Services Division
• Information Technology Division
• Development Division
• Tenders & Contracts Division
• Finance Division
• Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations Division
• Commercial Division
• Internal Audit Division
• Corporate Planning Division
• Japanese Projects Unit
• Supplies Section
• Library
• Transport Division
• Sewerage Division
• Publicity Division
• Manpower Development & Training Division
• Research & Development Division
• Rural Water Supply Division
• Ground Water & Investigations Division
• GIS & Mapping Division
• Central Laboratory
• Central Workshop
• Main Stores

The above divisions coordinate and monitor the functions of regional operations.

Contact Details:

Postal Address: Head Office, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Galle Road, Ratmalana.
General Telephone Nos: 0112611589, 0112612566, 0112637194
General Fax No: 0112636449
Hunting No: 0112638999
(Note: for international direct dialing, please add country +094 instead of leading 0 in all the above numbers)


Location Map: