In case of breakdowns, leaks and any complains regarding the water service.  call 1939 - 24 hrs hot line.

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A leading Japanese construction company; ABE Nikko Kogyo Co., which was  established in 1949 and  specialized in pre stressed concrete structures entered into an agreement  with a Sri Lankan construction company, KDA Weerasinghe in Colombo on 14th August 2015 to construct 2000m3 capacity and 10m high pre - stressed concrete ground reservoir at  Beruwala.


This ground reservoir will serve to enhance the water supply facilities around Beruwala. This is a pilot project and required finances as well as the technical know-how for the project are provided by ABE Nikko Kogyo Co. through JICA assistance for improving the water supply facilities in Sri Lanka.
In Sri Lanka, very few PC water retaining structures have been constructed. However PC structures have the following advantages over conventional cast in-situ reinforced concrete structures in water supply systems.
1. Economical for capacities of more than 3000m3 when compared to Reinforced concrete structures.
2. Can be designed for no cracks. Hence no leakages.
3. No limitations for depth of the structures.
4. Required less land area
5. Shorter construction period
6. High durability and less maintenance
7. It has proven resistance to earth quakes and Tsunami situations.

Apart from above ABE Nikko Kogyo Co. uses new technology called Air Dome Engineering for constructing the dome roof of the structure where heavy form work and false work system are not required; thus saving time.

Moreover, the technical know-how in design and construction of PC water tanks will be transferred to National Water Supply & Drainage Board as well as to the local contractors. This new technology will support to cater for the ever increasing demand of pipe borne water in the country as it has definite advantages over conventional cast in-situ concrete .

The local contractor MS KDA Weerasinghe has mobilized to the site at Beruwala and construction is ongoing. The construction works will be expected to complete in February 2016.The technical staff of the NWS&DB as well as the interested local contractors can visit the site by contacting DGM (western South ) ,NWS&DB through following contact numbers and by prior appointment; 011-2224888/0777725294

Some Photographs of Ongoing PC Tank Construction in Japan

image003 image005
Vertical PC Bars & Horizontal PC Strands inside Sheaths Wall From work, Pre-Stressing Bars/strands rnd Rebar 
Middle platform to support the Air dome Construction   
Dome Roof Construction Procedure Using Air Dome Engineering 
Step 01 Step 02
image009 image011
Step 03 Step 04
image013 image015
Final Production  




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The RSC Central Organized "Community Water Coordinating Officer's Workshop" on 15/06/2015 with the participation of  Hon  Rauff Hakeem , Minister of Urban Development ,Water Supply & Drainage Board.


image001  image002 
image003 image004 
image005  image006 
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World Water Day Media Conference at Government Information Department

wwdmediaconf2   wwdmediaconf1
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Chairman  and  Working Director of NWSDB, convened a news briefing today (03/03/2015) to express the decisions to pay an interim allowance of 20% of the present salary to the employees of NWSDB, until the proposed salary revision is approved.

WdNews  chairmanNews 
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The Regional Support Centre (Western-South) was ceremonially opened on 29th January 2015 at 9.00AM with the participation of Hon  Rauff Hakeem , Minister of Urban Development ,Water Supply & Drainage and of Hon Dunesh Gankanda , Deputy Minister of Urban Development ,Water Supply & Drainage. It is located at No 7, Angulana Station Road , Moratuwa from 29th January 2015. This new building is a multi-storyed and spacious building comprising with all modern facilities and latest technology features.

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The new Hon. minister for City Planning and Water Supply, Mr. Rauff Hakeem and the deputy minister Mr. Dunesh Gankanda assumed duties on 16th January 2015 at the head office of the Ministry of Water Supply and Drainage, Pelwatta. A brief ceremony was held in the Ministry Auditorium after the religious observances to mark the occasion.

 New Ministrer
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Rauff Hakeem imp   
Mr. Rauff Hakeem was sworn in as the Hon. Minister for Urban Development and Water Supply on 12th January 2015 before the H.E. the President Maithreepala Sirisena. Await more details in due course!  
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In case of Water Supply breakdown inform our Call Centre by dialing 1939 (24 hours)

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A new online payment system has been included in the NWSDB Official web site enabling you to pay the water bills online. The old system based on the prior registration based on National Identity Card has be discontinued.
The new system is highly convenient and much easy to operate. It allows payments using credit cards through the government online payment portal developed by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka.

Please note that this is the standard payment potal launched by ICTA to accept payments on government services. A convenience fee is a standrad feature of this portal.

You can use you eServices account, facebook account, google account, Hotmail account or LinkedIn account to login to the payment portal.


If you don’t have any of google, facebook, hotmal or linkedIn account, you can get registered in the eServices portal of the ICTA. Simply follow the instructions on the screen you see once you click on the eServices link above.
To get registered in the eServices portal, supply you personal information and click on submit button provided in the bottom of the screen. If the submit button is not visible, pl. maximize the window to see the button.
If you have any questions on this new system you may contact Mr. Sujith (ICTA) on 0773246978 or Mr. Johns (NWSDB) on 0773487649 for any assistance.
Any inconveniences during the initial period after this change over is regretted and once you get acquainted with this new system you will understand that the change would be much convenient, easy and quicker to make online payments.

As some customers who attempted to pay online through this system has commented, they have received 'Record not found' error. This will be corrected very soon after uploading of latest customer account details to this portal (which is now underway).

If any of your payments are not applied to your bills, you may please contact the NWSDB Commercial Division.



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