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How to make your payment of water bills.


At any cashier point of the water board (Island Wide) – By cash or cheque

(working days – from 9.00 am to 3.00 p.m)

(All cheques should be drawn in favor of the National Water Supply & Drainage Board” and crossed “Account Payee only “. Also ensure that you enter your Account Number on the reverse of the Cheque. Send the bill intact for payment)

Note - Rs. 500/= will be charged for each dishonored cheque. In case of payment are made for several water bill accounts using one cheque if that particular cheque is dishonored Rs. 500/= will be charged for each water bill Accounts.

• The following cashier points (belongs to water board) are available in the RSC – Western South Area

Area Engineer office 
Moratuwa - NWS&DB, NO 07,Angulana station Road,Moratuwa.

Dehiwala - NWS&DB,No.151,Anagarika Dharmapala 

Manager / Area Engineer Office
Panadura - NWS&DB No. 44, Weeraman Mawatha, Panadura.

Kalutara - NWS&DB No. 15, Cooray Road, Kalutara.

Collection Centers

Collection Centers
 Collection Bank / Agents  Code    Collection Methods 
 Water Board Web Payment   H0002   Online Credit Card (Web Register Only)
 National Savings Bank  NSB   Cash/Web (Online)
 Bank Of Ceylon  -  Cash & Cheques/ ATM & Internet
 Peoples Bank  -  Cash & Cheques/ ATM & Internet
 Commercial Bank  PB036  Cash/Web (Commercial Bank Cheque Only)
 City Bank  PB028  Cash (City Bank Cheque Only)
 Standard Chartered Bank  PB041  Cash
 NDB  PB042  Cash (NDB Bank Cheque Only)
 HSBC  PB046  Cash
 Nation Trust Bank  PB080  Cash/Web (Sanding Order through credit card
 Seylan Bank  PB087  Cash (Seylan Bank Cheque Only)
 Union Bank  PB039  Cash (Union Bank Cheque Only)
 Pan Asia Bank  PB101  Cash (PABC Cheque Only)
 Sampath Bank   PB102  Cash/Web
 Hatton National Bank  PB027  Cash/Web
 DFCC  PB103  Cash (DFCC Cheque Only)
 Cargills Food City  CFC01  Cash Only
 Singer Sri Lanka PLC  SINGER  Cash only
 Abans Ltd  ABANS  Cash Only
 Laugfs  LAUGFS  Cash only
 LB Finance  LBF  Cash only
 Dialog  Dialog  Cash Only /(ez cash)
 Mobitel  MOBITE  Cash Only/(m Cash)
www.waterboard.lk (On line through Internet)



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RSC (W-S) Region have three manager office & they have separate quality circles .RSC (W-S) office have main quality circle & five quality circle.

Main quality circle chairman- Eng.Mr.K.A.K.G Kuruppu

Main quality circle secretary- Mrs. Chathra jasinghe

Quality Circle  Chairman  Secretary 
Salamusu yathra  Eng.Mrs. P.M.D.J. Pannila Ms. D.O.C. Fernando 
Sankalana  Mr.W.A.W.T Wicramaarachi Mr.Kavidu Gayashan
Sanghatha Eng.Mr. K.A.K.G. Kuruppu Ms.W.A.V Rasanjali
Sanchitha Eng.Ms.N.W.E.S Nirasha Ms. P. Rathnayaka
Susanvidi Mr. R. Wellage Mrs.Krishanthi


* RSC (W-S) has  won 2nd place in the service sector-medium category.(National Productivity award for year 2015)

 1485241016 tmp productivity2

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Regional Support Center (W-S) Welfare Society was established in 2014 to coordinate welfare activities of members, provide financial assistanceto members & dependents, help financial assistance for the members in a disaster, according to the decision.

All members irrespectively of their nature of the employment (Permeant, Contracted, and Casual) can become member of the welfare society.

1. Death grants
     • In a death of a member, Rs-1000.00 will be collected by each member and donate to guardian.
     • In a death of a member’s dependent, Rs10, 000.00 will be donated by the society.
2. Any members transfer, resignation & retirement their service are appreciated by the society.
3. Annual welfare activities
     • Annual get-together or Trip.
     • Religions activities 
     • Sinhala new year celebration
     • New year celebration (January 1st )

The fair well party Mr.B.Thevendrakumar (Chief Engineer (Construction)- RSC(W-S)) was  ceremonially held on 13th August 2017 at RSC (W-S) Auditorium




 Water Awareness Program
In RSC (w-s) awareness Program conducted to Public Institute & Schools. Key topics of the lectures delivered in the awareness program on ‘’ saving drinking water’’ focused on as follows
•    Protection on water resources and how to use drinking water sparingly.
•    Water purification & standardization of the quality.
•    The valuation of drinking water & it’s billing process.
•    Your responsibility on saving drinking water.

Bandaragama Sec.office water preservation programme


Gamini Central College -ingiriya (School programme)


Milad College -Dehiwala School Programme (Tamil Medium)


St.sebastian College-Moratuwa (School Programme)

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 Ongoing Projects


JICA Technical Cooperation Project for RSC Western South.

Jica Technical Asst. Project for RSC WS Click here....


 Ongoing Development Activities


No Contract Expected Completion Date


Progress at March 2019
1 Laying of 225mm dia.uPVC and DI pipes , Specials & Valves for Millaniya Industrial Zone- Stage I 30.04.2019 37.47 75.25%
2 Laying of uPVC, PE and DI pipes, specials, DI Valves and Accessories for Kawdana Attidiya Road 31.03.2019 15.4 70.0%
3  Renovation of Beruwala Reservoir (Building & Civil Works)  06.04.2019  29.4  76% 
4 Excavation, Laying & Backfilling of 225mm, 160mm, 90mm dia. UPVC pipes & other works along Horana -  Ingiriya road Wagawatta to Ingiriya at Horana WSS in Panadura - Horana Region 31.03.2019 27.99 77.67%

Laying of 160mm Upvc &DI Pipes special ,valves and Construction of Chambers of proposed pipe line (5.2km) for Wadduwa Moronthuduwa Road under NWSDB funds - Stage I

14.06.2019 7.12 45.59%

Kesbewa- Pokunuwita Road pipe laying (Kahatuduwa Interchange to Pokunuwita Junction)
MAGA Engineering

 30.04.2019 RDA Funded Project Supervision done by NWS&DB   63.2%
 Construction of Drive Through Building and Meter Readers' room for Area Engineer (Moratuwa) office  30.04.2019  8.8 56.00% 
8 Supply & Placing of Filter Medias for slow sand fillter at Mathugama WSS 31.05.2019 3.79 34%
9 Construction of  Soysapura Pump House  at Dehiwala/Moratuwa Region 23.08.2019 12.8 20.45%
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