General Numbers to all Divisions :   
Telephone   +94 11 2611589
 +94 11 2612566
+94 11 2637194
Hunting Number +94 11 2638999
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DGM (M&E) Office Telephone

Ext - 1170

DGM (M&E) Office E-Mail

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Central Workshop,
National Water Supply & Drainage Board,
Maligawa Road,
Polwatta, Ratmalana,

Sri Lanka

Telephone : +94 11 2636327

Fax :+94 11 2624738

 Contact Details

Section  Name  Designation  Telephone Fax
 Office  (Central Workshop)    Mr.A.Sriwardhana  Chief Engineer  0112636327 0112624738 
 Mrs. Dabare  Accountant  0112636327
Vacant  Staff Assistant  0112636327
 Mrs. Dulani  Supply Assistant  0112636327
 Pump Section      Mr.T.B.P. Priyadharshana Snr. Mechanical Engineer  0112636327
 Mr.K.G.L.P.Kumara  E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
 Mr.G.J.D.Alwis  E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
 Electrical Section    Mr.D. Prabath  Electrical Engineer  0112636327
 Mrs.N.Hewavitharana  E.A.(Electrical)  0112636327
 Mr.Indika  Store Keeper  0112636327
 Fabrication Section   Mr.T.B.P. Priyadharshana  Snr. Mechanical Engineer  0112636327
 Mr.Suwaris  E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
 Vehicle Section      Mr.Thusara Sadakelum  Mechanical Engineer  0112636327
 Mr.Namal  E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
 Mr.H.A.J.Bandara  E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
Mr.K.P.C.De Silva   E.A.(Mechanical)  0112636327
Electronics Section  Mr.N.Sanjeewa E.A.(Electronic) 0112636327


Central Workshop is the main workshop to the National Water Supply & Drainage Board and running under Deputy General Manager(Mechanical & Electrical Service). This plays a leading role in the O&M (Operational & Maintenance) Sector, giving assistance to the maintenance of Treatment plants and Drainage Systems.

  • Running repair and major repairs of Board vehicles.
  • Vehicle periodic services
  • Engine Overhauling
  • Fabrication of package treatment plants
  • Treatment plant repair work
  • Other Fabrication work
  • Repair to all kind of Pump, Valves, Compressors, Generators ... etc.
  • Testing & issuing test reports for Ferrules, Valves ...etc.
  • Drivers, Pump Operators competence tests.
  • Installations of plant & equipment.
  • Site breakdown repair.
  • Electrical repair work including motor rewinding.
  • Electronic equipment repair work.
  • Quality inspections.
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  • Providing staff transporting for Head Office staff
  • Providing staff transporting for attending funerals, trade unions annual general meeting etc.
  • Handling annual licence/ Insurance of all NWSDB vehicles and machinery. 
  • Handling vehicle accident repairs coordinating with insurance companies.
  • Handling redundant vehicle auction at year-end.
  • Vehicle registration, transferring documents work with RMV
Contact Details of Staff Members 
Name  Designation  Office Fax Mobile 
Mr. Indika Sumanasena  Transport Officer 0112621621 Ext-1220 011-2624574  0770785027
Mr. K.U.Samanpriya  EA (Mech) 0112621621 Ext-1224  0776189536
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This section handles the entire head office and official quarters, repair, maintenance and operational activities.


Activities scheduled in 2019 are

  • Maintenance of Badovita Quarters (7m)
  • Maintenance of Soysapura (B20,B23) Quarters (32m)
  • Maintenance of Soysapura (C23,C24) Quarters (16m)
  • Maintenance of Soysapura Bachelor Quarters (64m)
  • Maintenance of Rawathawatte Quarters (7m)


Contact Details of Staff Members 

011-2621621 Ext- 1174

Name  Designation  Telephone Extention Fax
Mr.W.Y.P Perera  Engineer 011-2638999

0112621621 Ext- 1174 011-2621718
Mr.Nishantha  E.A. (Elect)  0112621621 Ext- 1175
Mr Aruna E.A. (Civil)
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