The Sabaragamuwa Province is located on the South-Central region of the island and it is made up of the two administrative districts namely, Rathnapura and Kegalle. This province is made up of mountain ranges valleys, streams and rivers. Both these Districts are strictly agricultural with tea, rubber, paddy and coconut plantations making up their major income generating enterprises. However much agrarian oriented these Districts are, the District of Rathnapura has maintained a reputation from historical times, the world over, for the wealth of gems.

The Sabaragamuwa Province is the eighth largest province of Sri Lanka boasting a population of 1,919,487 spread out over a land mass 4900 sq km in extent. Area wise Kegalle District covers 1,663 sq km while Rathnapura District is 3,237 sq km. Rathnapura District located at an elevation of 500ft above sea level, and is the administrative capital of the Sabaragamuwa Province about 100km from Colombo. Kegalle District might even be considered the gateway to the central hills of Sri Lanka and the western region of the Kegalle district is less than 500 ft from the sea level with the eastern region lying 1000ft above the sea level.

The Sabaragamuwa Regional Service Support Center (RSC) of NWSDB was established in 2008. After reorganizing the RSC in line with provincial boundaries, it was decided to have a separate RSC for Sabaragamuwa. As is the requirement a Deputy General Manager (DGM) heads the RSC. He is supported by an Assistant General Manager (AGM) and other managers in carrying out the administrative and operational functions. The most important of the RSC functions is the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of water supply schemes. Other key functions of RSC are: Planning and Design work related to Local Projects; Planning work related to Large Scale Projects; Implementation of Rehabilitation and Augmentation work of the existing schemes; Water Resources Management at the regional or local level; as well as Billing and Revenue collection. Its major task is to provide safe drinking water using new technology and a growing water distribution network.

As of the movement RSC is responsible for the provision of pipe-borne water to 80,528 families of the region. It also handles two Large Scale Foreign Funded Projects and has eleven Small and Medium Scale Projects with the objectives of facilitating more families with safe drinking water hopefully.

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Statistics of the Area
Total Area 4,902.0 km2
Population (2009)* 1,926,000
Population (2012) 1,919,487
Population Density (2012) 391.6/km2
Estimated mid year Population by the Department of Census and Statistics - Sri Lanka

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The quality of water being supplied is tested regularly. Click here for a summary of test results taken island-wide.

Schemes which are presently in operation

Region Integrated Scheme Total no. of connections as end of 30 th June 2017 Average Monthly Production
(m3/ month)
Ratnapura District Nivithigala 1,401 23,550
Embilipitiya 12,571 293,476
Kahawatta 2,243 54,550
Pelmadulla 3,279 62,790
Rathnapura 9,003 316,583
Udawalawa 6,826 141,089
Balangoda 6,461 179,905
Godakawela 3,487 73,585
Eheliyagoda 3,223 38,175
Kiriella 264 5,016
Kolonna 670 13,613
Rathnapura hospital 4 28,838
Kegalle District Gonagaldeniya 114 2,368
Ruwanwella 2,992 79,380
Kannantota 886 16,309
Warakapola 1,579 44,598
Kegalle/Rambukkana 19,273 435,732
Mawanalla 23,887 489,782
Aranayaka 2,618 43,329
Bulathkohupitiya 496 10,285
Yatiyantota 1,067 14,689
Dehiovita 1,636 28,103
Total 103,981 2,395,745

Ongoing Projects

Small and Medium Water Supply Projects
Project Name No. of Beneficiaries Total Cost Estimate
(Rs. Million)
From To
Embilipitya Water Supply 84,000 363.0  Sep 2003  Jan 2013
Nivithigala Water Supply 6,000 154.3  Jan 1999  Dec 2013
Udawalawa Water Supply Stage I & II 62,500 973.2  Jan 1999  May 2013
Yatiyanthota Water Supply 6,700 165.8 Sep 2003 Apr 2013
Pelmadulla Water Supply 22,500 384.2 Jan 2000 May 2013
Galigamuwa Water Supply 30,800 841.0 2011 Dec 2014
Godakawela Water Supply 27,000 288.8 Jan 1999 Jun 2013
Kiriella Water Supply 8,000 205.0 Jun 2011 Dec 2014
Madola Water Supply 4,000 132.0 2012 2014
Gonagala Water Supply 20,375 249.0 2012 2014
Pahala Kadugannawa Water Supply 5,000 60.0 Mar 2010 Mar 2013
Large Scale Water Supply and Sanitation Projects
Project Name (Donor) No. of Beneficiaries Total Cost Estimate
(Rs. Million)
Duration Designed Capacity
From To
Greater Ratnapura Water Supply Project (Phase I) 90,000 4,263.89 Mar 2013 Mar 2015 13,000
Greater Ratnapura Water Supply Project (Phase II) 50,000 5,663.52 - - 14,000
Kolonna/ Balangoda Water Supply Project 80,000 4,658.00 May 2012 May 2014 14,000

Proposed Projects

Small and Medium Water Supply Projects
Name of WSS District DS Division Proposed population to be served Served GNDS Water source Present status
Hemmatagama kegalle Aranayaka, Mawanella, Rambukkana 151,635 159 Asupiniella NPD formats sent by NWS&DB
Warakapola kegalle Warakapola 90,000 GNDS alongkandy-Colombo road from Nelundeniya to Ambepussa Mahaoya NPD clearance OK
Greater Ruwanwella kegalle Ruwanwella 110,000 13 GNDS Ruwanwella
04 GNDS Bulathkohupitiya
01 GND Dehiowita
Magal oya Pending NPD Approval.Proposal has been submitted by Korea Exim bank
Eheliyagoda Ratnapura Eheliyagoda, Dehiowita 71,748 28 Sithawaka Ganga Forward for PAC approval
university of Sabaragamuwa  Ratnapura Imbulpe 9,543 Karagasthalawa, Muttettuwegama, Sabaragamuwa university Samanala wewa reservoir Cabinet paper draft send to Addl.GM(P&P)
Pannala- Ampagala kegalle Bulathkohupitiya 3,320 Alawathura, Thelkumuduwala, Ampagala, Kiriporuwa, Panapitiya, Punehela, kendawa, Wegalla, Ambamalla, Udapotha, Bulathkohupitiya, Lewala, Urumeewala Ritigaha Oya Forwarded for PAC approval
Postal Address : Regional Support Centre (Sabaragamuwa)
National Water Supply & Drainage Board
New Town
: +94 045 22228271,+94 045 22228272,+94 045 22228274,+94 045 22228275,+94 045 22228276
: +94 045 2228273
Name & Designation Telephone Fax Mobile E-mail
Mr. S.S Devaraja
Deputy General Manager
+94 045 22228271 +94 045 2228273 +94 77 3856722 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">dgmsab
Mr. W.N  Premasiri
Assistant General Manager (Rathnapura)
+94 045 22228272 +94 045 2228273 +94 77 2386179 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">agmsabaragamuwa
Mr. Piyarathna Samarathunga
Assistant General Manager (Kegalle)
+94 35 2231807 +94 35 2231823 +94 719770091 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">agmkegalle

Managers (Operational & Maintenance)

Name & Designation Telephone / Fax Mobile E-mail
Mr. L.A.N Amarasena
Responsive Areas: Ratnapura, Embilipitiya, Nivithigala, Eheliyagoda, Udawalawa, Balangoda, Pelmadulla, Kahawatta, Godakawela, Kiriella
+94 45 2228033 +94 71 4396911 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">managerrp
Mr. R.W.M.R.P. Wanigasekera
Responsive Areas: Kegalle, Mawanella, Aranayaka, Ruwanwella, Dehiowita, Warakapola, Yatiyanthota, Rambukkana
+94 35 2231979, +94 35 2231027
Fax: +94 35 2231027
+94 77 2442063 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">managerkegalle

Service Standard Indicators

Service Indicators  RSC 2017 June
Regional Average
Water Coverage (%) Pipe System maintained by NWSDB 17.8%
Per Capita Consumption (l/c/d) 115
Water Availability (hours) 23.5
Water Quality - Bacteriological Quality Compliance 93.0 
Water Quality - Bacteriological Testing Compliance 100.0
Water Quality - All Samples Compliance 98.5
Sewerage Coverage (%) -

Operational Indicators

Operational Indicators RSC 2017 June
Regional Average
Non-Revenue Water (%) 31.2%
Non-Revenue Water - m3/conn/day 0.1
Defective Meters per '000 connections (Monthly Average) 29.0
Total Staff/ 1000 connection 6.0
Operational Staff/ 1000 connection 5.7
Estimated Bills/ 1000 connections (Monthly Average) 50.0

Performance in Customer Service

Customer Service Indicators RSC 2017 June
Regional Average
Response to requests for new service connections (%) 95.0%
Customer Complaints Volume (Complaints/ 1000 connection) 5.0
Customer Complaints Resolution 80.0%

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Financial KPIs RSC 2017 June
Regional Average
Collection Ratio (%) 100.0%
Accounts Receivable Period (months) 2.9
Collectable Accounts Receivable Period (months) 1.2
Operating Ratio 1.1
Production Cost (LKR/ m3 Produced) (Only operational cost) 26.9 
Average Tariff (LKR/ m3 Sold) 35.9
Stock Efficiency (LKR/ connection) 3,651

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