Water Awareness Program
In RSC (w-s) awareness Program conducted to Public Institute & Schools. Key topics of the lectures delivered in the awareness program on ‘’ saving drinking water’’ focused on as follows
•    Protection on water resources and how to use drinking water sparingly.
•    Water purification & standardization of the quality.
•    The valuation of drinking water & it’s billing process.
•    Your responsibility on saving drinking water.

Public Relations Activities - Western South.....

Regional Support Center (W-S) Welfare Society was established in 2014 to coordinate welfare activities of members, provide financial assistanceto members & dependents, help financial assistance for the members in a disaster, according to the decision.

All members irrespectively of their nature of the employment (Permeant, Contracted, and Casual) can become member of the welfare society.

1. Death grants
     • In a death of a member, Rs-1000.00 will be collected by each member and donate to guardian.
     • In a death of a member’s dependent, Rs10, 000.00 will be donated by the society.
2. Any members transfer, resignation & retirement their service are appreciated by the society.
3. Annual welfare activities
     • Annual get-together or Trip.
     • Religions activities 
     • Sinhala new year celebration
     • New year celebration (January 1st )

 The fair well party Mr.B.Thevendrakumar (Chief Engineer (Construction)- RSC(W-S)) was  ceremonially held on 13th August 2017 at RSC (W-S) Auditorium