Ongoing Projects


JICA Technical Cooperation Project for RSC Western South.

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 Ongoing Development Activities


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Progress at March 2019
1 Laying of 225mm dia.uPVC and DI pipes , Specials & Valves for Millaniya Industrial Zone- Stage I 30.04.2019 37.47 75.25%
2 Laying of uPVC, PE and DI pipes, specials, DI Valves and Accessories for Kawdana Attidiya Road 31.03.2019 15.4 70.0%
3  Renovation of Beruwala Reservoir (Building & Civil Works)  06.04.2019  29.4  76% 
4 Excavation, Laying & Backfilling of 225mm, 160mm, 90mm dia. UPVC pipes & other works along Horana -  Ingiriya road Wagawatta to Ingiriya at Horana WSS in Panadura - Horana Region 31.03.2019 27.99 77.67%

Laying of 160mm Upvc &DI Pipes special ,valves and Construction of Chambers of proposed pipe line (5.2km) for Wadduwa Moronthuduwa Road under NWSDB funds - Stage I

14.06.2019 7.12 45.59%

Kesbewa- Pokunuwita Road pipe laying (Kahatuduwa Interchange to Pokunuwita Junction)
MAGA Engineering

 30.04.2019 RDA Funded Project Supervision done by NWS&DB   63.2%
 Construction of Drive Through Building and Meter Readers' room for Area Engineer (Moratuwa) office  30.04.2019  8.8 56.00% 
8 Supply & Placing of Filter Medias for slow sand fillter at Mathugama WSS 31.05.2019 3.79 34%
9 Construction of  Soysapura Pump House  at Dehiwala/Moratuwa Region 23.08.2019 12.8 20.45%