The Development Section of National Water Supply & Drainage Board, headed by the Deputy General Manager (Development) is reported to the Additional General Manager (Policy & Planning). The Research & Development and GIS & Mapping Sections are reported to the Deputy General Manager (Development).

Main functions of the Development Division:

Development Works towards the service level upliftment of the NWSDB, with various activities related to Water and Sanitation Sector are main functions and Key areas are briefed below.

• Water Resource Security and Safety Development;

     i.  Coordination with Irrigation Department, Mahawali Authority, etc. on water extraction/ allocation requirements for
         future projects.
     ii.  Assistance for feasibility studies of river upstream, impounding reservoirs.
     iii. Preparation, updating, sharing and maintaining of the raw water quality data base in all raw water intakes, island wide. 
     iv. Water Safety Plan Activities as a Supporting Unit, for Water Treatment Plants in Western North, Sabaragamuwa and
         Southern, Regional Support Centres.
     v. Preparation of “Repositories” on Drinking Water Supply for Regional Support Centres.

• Contract Administration and Document Preparation for improvements in the head office and nearby offices and quartes.

• Institution Development Activities.

• Liaise with other relevant institutions for sector improvements


Management Staff of Development Division

Name Designation Tel/Fax E-mail
  Deputy General Manager (Development) 2638102/2623285 dgmdev@waterboard
Eng.A.M.A.M.Adikari Assistant General Manager(Development) 2638102/2623285  
Eng.(Mrs.) T.K.N.K.Kumari Chief Engineer(Development) 2638102/2623285  
Eng.(Mrs.)I.I.Weeraratne Engineer 2638102/2623285  
Eng.H.W.Gunawardena Engineer 2638102/2623285