General Manager's Official Visit at Our Office Complex on 07th November 2018.


 Bak Maha Ulela 2018




January 1st


Christmas Celebration @ Regional Support Center (Western Central) Office was held on 19th December 2017, Organized by Catholic Society - RSC (WC)



Pirith Ceremony @ Regional Support Center (Western Central) Office was held on 24th November 2017, Organized by the Welfare Society - Western Central for the celebration of their 25th Anniversary



Annual Get-together of Western Central Welfare Society @ Serenety Village,Bope on 02nd September 2017 




Western Central Welfare Society

24th Annual General Meeting of Western Central Welfare Society held on 06th of July 2017 @ Western Central Auditorium. New executive committee members for 2017-2018 are follows 




Mr. J.J.N. Paranavithana


Mrs. R.N. Fernando


Ms. K.M. Lakmini Deepika

Chief Organizer

Mr. A.R.D. Attanayake

Dep. Organizer

Mrs. K.G.T. Perera

Vice President

Mr. H.P.M.C. Jayathilaka

Vice Secretary

Mrs. N.C.De.S. Wijerathna

Vice Treasurer



Mrs. W.A.R.C. Weerasinghe

Committee Member

Mrs. P.S. Kaushalya

Committee Member

Mr. K. Madawa Nirosh

Committee Member

Mr. Viraj Meeriyagalla

Committee Member

Mr. M. Sanjaya Dewappriya

Committee Member

Mr. M.N. Nirosh Perera

Committee Member

Mr. M. Kalpa Chathuranga

Committee Member

Mrs. M.B.Mahanama

Committee Member

Mr. P.V.S. Randima

Committee Member

Mrs. B.A.M. Kumari

Committee Member

Mr. H.G. Champilal

Committee Member

Mr. W.B.M.S.J. Bandara




Vesak Lantern for Vesak Festival


Bath Dansala for Vesak Festival held on 09.05.2017


Winner of the Island wide Best Office Competition- Manager Office (Kotte)- World Water Day 2017