NWSDB annually spends Rs. 3.3 billion for its electricity mainly for water treatment & pumping processes and NWSDB is the largest customer for Ceylon Electricity Board.

The energy management programme of the NWSDB achieved substantial progress and activities upgraded to a higher level qualitatively and quantitatively for last couple of years. M&E Services Division is fully equipped with energy measuring equipments to carry out all types of energy audits for energy management works at NWSDB.

The savings due to the tariff category rectifications, mechanical and electrical capital works and other energy saving projects, which were completed in previous years, were continued during the 2015 and it resulted a higher accumulated energy & cost savings. It is recorded that the continuing annual savings due to energy conservation projects implemented from 2004 to 2015 is LKR 472.2 million after deleting the implemented projects older than 5 years.

Energy audits carried out for 33 water supply schemes in 2015 will result in estimated annual energy saving of LKR 23.6 million according to their energy audit recommendations for a estimated investment of LKR 50.9 million.

It is a great achievement by the Energy Conservation Programme at NWSDB, as out of the Energy Conservation budget of LKR 100.0 million allocated for the energy conservation activities in year 2015, Rs. 94.8 million worth of project investments completed during 2015.

Twenty (20) energy efficiency improvement projects have been completed during 2015 with total investment of LKR 149.1 million resulting in LKR 40.8 million annual savings. This includes both energy efficiency initiatives of M&E Services Division & M&E section at Regions.

Another 7 projects are at implementation stage worth of LKR 29.3 million which will result in annual saving of LKR 10.1 million in addition to above annual savings. These 7 projects are expected to complete by 1st quarter of year 2016.

The projects continuing from 2015 and new projects planned for 2016, a total of 33 projects have been scheduled for 2016 which leads to total investment of Rs. 183.8 million with annual expected annual saving of Rs. 36.7 million.

Further 32 water supply schemes are to be energy audited in year 2016 to support our continuing energy saving efforts.

M&E Services Division already initiated to extend the energy improvement activities by introducing energy benchmarking programme, energy compliance programme for new proposals at planning stage, energy awareness & training programmes for NWSDB staff as well.