Policy & Strategy Section of the NWSDB is under the Planning Section headed by Additional General Manager (Policy & Planning).

Address : Policy & Strategy Section
National Water Supply & Drainage Board
Galle Road
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Fax : +94 11 2607123
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Management of value chain effectively and efficiently for timely delivery of services to the internal and external stakeholders.

Key Functions

  • Drafting Subsidiary Loan Agreements with External Resource Department.
  • Coordination with National Planning Department for Project formulation.
  • Coordination with the Ministry for Project Development and Formulation.
  • Business Plan Development and follow-up of Business Strategies.
  • Donor Coordination, Facilitation and providing secretariat assistance to ERD.
  • Coordination with Conventional Donors (ADB/ AFD etc.)
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Sector policy formulation and Development of Guidelines.
  • Development of Public Private Partnership Models (PPP/ BOT)
  • Coordination with Attorney General's Department with regard to Contract Document finalization.
  • Maintaining and updating Database of priority water supply projects.
  • Coordination of EOI processing.


Priority Projects in Pipeline (Drinking Water Supply) [PDF - 415 KB] [ZIP - 355 KB]
Flow Chart for Processing of EOIs to SCARC Approval [PDF - 149 KB] [ZIP - 129 KB]
Procurement Guidelines [PDF - 52.0 KB] [ZIP - 45.0 KB]
Standard EOI Submission Format [PDF - 1.10 MB] [ZIP - 1.04 MB]
Policy on Siting of High Polluting Industries [PDF - 32.7 KB] [ZIP - 23.4 KB]
Strategies for Sustainable Water Supply Development inline with Mahinda Chinthana The Emerging Wonder of Asia [PDF - 21.9 KB] [ZIP - 15.4 KB]
Water Safety Surveillance Format [PDF - 32.7KB] [ZIP - 23.4KB]


Fund Allocation for Rural Water
Supply & Sanitation (13th May 2011)
[PDF - 31.3 KB] [ZIP - 26.0 KB]
Provision of water for ‘drinking and cooking’ for
chronic kidney disease affected areas (29th May 2012)
[PDF - 28.8 KB] [ZIP - 22.4 KB]


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