Regional Support Center (RSC) Western Province was established in year 1992. With the expansion of water supply facilities in Western Province, the Western Province was divided in to three RSCS’ namely Western Central, Western North and Western South in year 2008.

RSC (Western South) Covers Dehiwala , Moratuwa & Rathmalana DS divisions in Colombo district, and all DS divisions in Kaluthara district & part of Bentota DS division in Galle district.

RSC (WS) is headed by DGM & assistant by AGM. The Operational activities within RSC (W-S) is divided in to three region (Dehiwala, Panadura/Horana, Kalutara) & each region is headed by regional Manager. Total staff within the RSC is about 745 at the end of September 2018.

At present, RSC (W-S) provides water supply to about 1,264,510 consumers through 261,766 service connections about the end of September 2018. RSC (W-S) generated Rs.3.765 billion revenue in year 2017, which is about 11% of total revenue of NWSBD.

Eng. C.C.H.S Fernando functions as the DGM & Eng. T.R.J Fernando functions as the AGM.

Organization Sructure

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RSC (W-S) Office Premises


 Location map RSC (W-S)

Location map
 Transmission  Map


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JICA Technical Cooperation Project for RSC Western South.

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Action plan 2016-2020

According to the vision and mission of the NWSBD, prepare the action plan in every five year to reach the NWSBD goal.
According to the NWSBD main action plan, all regional support centers will be prepare their sub five year action plan to reach goal of NWSBD.

RSC (W-S) five year action plan

2016-2020  Gole 1 click hear to view / download

2016-2020  Gole 2 click hear to view / download

2016-2020  Gole 3 click heato view / download

2016-2020  Gole 4 click hear to view / download

RSC (W-S) Annual action plan

2016  annual action plan click hear to view / download

2017 annual action plan click hear to view / download

2018 annual action plan click hear to view / download

Ongoing Projects

 Water Supply Projects
Project Name TEC  (Rs. Million) Target to be complete Progress at June 2018
Supply & Laying of water transmission main at Wagawatta Industrial Zone. 52.89           August 2018                                    90%        
Laying uPVC,PE,DI pipe along kaudana Atthitiya road/Abesekara toUnion place 7.96           August 2018 58%
Laying uPVC,PE,DI pipe along kaudana Atthitiya road/Abesekara to Atthitiya road
7.96           August 2018 25%
Laying of Pipes alonge Mathugama Wallipanna  RDN Funded             August 2018 75%
Proposed Major Projects Details
Project Name  Total Cost Estimate (Rs. Million)
 Replacing old Asbestos cement pipes in Manager (Kalutara) areas to provide a satisfactory water supply to consumers 2,745
Water Supply to high elevated areas in Dahampahanagama and surrounding under Manager (Kalutara) 873
Construction of salinity barrier to prevent salinity intrusion to Thebuwana Intake (Kethena) 2210

Ingiriya/ Handapangoda  Water Supply Scheme(This project handled by P&D section , head office)


High elevated areas at Moragahahena / Talaga and sorrounding areas  water supply distribution


Balance distribution  in Kalutara region not covered under Aluthgama, Matugama,Agalawatta WS